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Dear record label executive:

The RoJaRo-Index is by now the world's largest free music magazine index on the net with links from universities, research archives & libraries and numerous other sites from around the world. The new edition of the index incorporates additional features designed to make it even more effective as a promotional tool for your record label.
Joining the RoJaRo is free. There's no money involved as the RoJaRo is based on collaboration.

Why should you join the RoJaRo?

- Make information regarding on your record label easily available for interested people worldwide.
- Keep track of reviews of your records in the international music press.
- To generate more traffic and possibly more direct sales on your website.
- Generate interest in your records old and new from users of the index.
- Make reviews of your records easy to find by professionals within the world of current & future international music research.
- Make your records available for the same research through permanent inclusion into the RoJaRo-Archive.

What do you get by joining the RoJaRo?

- The chance to define searchable terms related to the genres and special types of music covered by your label etc. This greatly raises the possibility for interested users to find your label when searching the record label list.
- A generated search into the main index on all your records received by the RoJaRo-Archive.

How do you contribute to the RoJaRo?

- By adding the RoJaRo-Archive to your mailing list from now on. Every record received by the archive will automatically generate an additional logo-link to your homepage. The more records old & new that you send to the archive, the more free publicity & links you get.

Hope you will see the advantages for your record label, and take this opportunity to join the RoJaRo-Index. Please print out this registration form, fill it in and return it to me.

Thank you very much for your time.

kjetil maria aase

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