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4ad records (uk)
aaron ave records (usa)
ace records (uk)
acoustic disc (usa)
acoustic music records (germany)
act music + vision (germany)
adelphi records (usa)
alias records (usa)
alive records (usa)
alligator records (usa)
alternative tentacles records (usa)
amphetamine reptile records (usa)
angel air records (uk)
appleseed records (usa)
arabesque records (usa)
arbors records (usa)
arf arf records (usa)
arhoolie records (usa)
arkadia records (usa)
asc records (uk)
atavistic (usa)
bar/none records (usa)
bear family records (germany)
big dada (uk)
birth records (germany)
blind pig records (usa)
bloodshot records (usa)
blue canoe records (usa)
blue note records (usa)
bomp! records (usa)
bvhaast records (netherlands)
c/z records (usa)
cadence jazz records (usa)
canyon records (usa)
capri records (usa)
caprice records (sweden)
captain trip (japan)
century media records (usa)
chacra (canada)
charly records (uk)
chesky records (usa)
chiaroscuro records (usa)
cimp records (usa)
compass records (usa)
concord (usa)
cooking vinyl (uk)
crammed records (belgium)
creative works records (switzerland)
criss cross jazz (netherlands)
cross country productions (usa)
crosscut records (germany)
cuneiform records (usa)
curling legs (norway)
d-town records inc (usa)
db productions (sweden)
delmark records (usa)
dialtone records (usa)
dionysus records (usa)
dischord records (usa)
discus (uk)
drag city (usa)
dragon records (sweden)
dreyfus records (france)
earache records (uk)
earwig music (usa)
ecm records (germany)
emanem (uk)
empty records (usa)
enja matthias winckelmann (germany)
enja records horst weber (germany)
epitaph records (usa)
esc records (germany)
esoteric recordings (uk)
estrus (usa)
f.l.a.s.a. (uk)
fat possum (usa)
fledg-ling (uk)
fmp / free music production (germany)
fmr records (uk)
forced exposure records (usa)
future farmer recordings (usa)
gadfly records (usa)
gazell records (sweden)
get hip recordings (usa)
glitterhouse records (germany)
gnp crescendo records (usa)
green linnet records (usa)
gws fourwinds records (USA)
half a cow records (australia)
hat hut records (switzerland)
hazel jazz records (norway)
heads up international (usa)
heathen skulls (australia)
hep records (uk)
highnote reocrds (usa)
hightone records (usa)
hip bop records (uk)
hodge podge records, (norway)
hopscotch (usa)
hot club records (norway)
humber records (canada)
imogena records (sweden)
jade tree (usa)
jagjaguwar (usa)
jazz-halo (belgium)
jazzology records (usa)
jsp records (uk)
justin time records (canada)
k records (usa)
k2b2 records (usa)
kill rock stars (usa)
king biscuit flower hour (usa)
knitting factory works (usa)
kranky (usa)
label bleu (france)
leo records (uk)
lex records (uk)
linn records (uk)
lookout records (usa)
lyrichord discs (usa)
magna carta records (usa)
malaco records (usa)
mapleshade productions (usa)
market square records (uk)
matador records (usa)
merge records (usa)
metal blade records (usa)
minor music (germany)
minty fresh (usa)
mobile fidelity sound lab (usa)
mosaic records (usa)
music & arts (usa)
mute (uk)
naxos (usa)
nemu records (germany)
nettwerk records (usa)
new west records (usa)
new world records (usa)
nine winds records (usa)
ninja tune (uk)
norton records (usa)
oaj records (norway)
old hat records (usa)
omni sonic (usa)
palmetto records (usa)
pax recordings (usa)
psf (japan)
pure (usa)
putumayo (usa)
quarterstick records (usa)
radical records (usa)
raven records (australia)
razor and tie music (usa)
red mark records (usa)
red records (italy)
rér megacorp (uk)
revenant (usa)
rhino records (usa)
righteous babe records (usa)
roadrunner records (usa)
roir (usa)
rough trade (uk)
rounder records (usa)
rowdy farrago records (uk)
royal academy of music (uk)
ruf records (germany)
rusted blade music (usa)
savant records (usa)
secretly canadian (usa)
seventh records (france)
shanachie records (usa)
sierra records (usa)
smells like records (usa)
smithsonian/ folkways (usa)
sofa (norway)
songlines (canada)
soul jazz (uk)
southern records (usa)
southport records (usa)
sparrow records (usa)
sst records (usa)
steeplechase (denmark)
stony plain records (canada)
storyville records (denmark)
sub pop records (usa)
sugar hill records (usa)
sundazed music (usa)
sunnyside records (usa)
talking elephant records (uk)
tcb records (switzerland)
teenbeat (usa)
telarc (usa)
thrill jockey (usa)
touch and go records (usa)
tzadik (usa)
ubiquity recordings (usa)
vagrant records (usa)
vanguard records (usa)
varese sarabande (usa)
victo (canada)
wounded bird records (usa)
yazoo records (usa)
yep roc (usa)
yoyo recordings (usa)

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