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Now available! Special artist bibliographies & music magazine indexes!

Dear friends and users,

We now offer the possibility to order special bound print-outs from the huge RoJaRo-Index related to specific artists/groups or magazines.

Bibliographies related to artists/groups.
If you're interested in information related to a specific artist/group, it is now possible to order a bound print-out of all the references included in the RoJaRo-Index. Several such print-outs can be bound together, like references to a certain group and its members.

Indexes to a specific magazine.
You may also order an annual or a complete index of references to articles & reviews found in a specific magazine of your choice included in the RoJaRo-Index.

All print-outs will be bound and copyrighted, and must be pre-paid. Prices will depend on the number of pages included along shipping costs.

Send me your wants and country using the e-mail below, and I will get back to you with rates and payment information: kmaa54 at yahoo dot com

A big thank you for your support of the RoJaRo-Index.

Yours, kjetil maria aase