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records received by RoJaRo-Archive

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altena maarten: fairly young bean (the) (1981) w/j.russell & (lp/cd)
bailey derek: domestic & public pieces; solo guitar improv.1975-1977 (lp/cd)
bailey derek: fairly early (1971-1980) with postscripts (1987 & 1998) (lp/cd)
bailey derek: first duo concert london -74 w/a.braxton (lp/cd)
bailey derek: lace; solo guitar improvisations (lp/cd)
beresford steve: foxes fox (1999) w/e.parker/j.edwards/l.moholo (lp/cd)
beresford steve: two to tangle w/n.coombes (lp/cd)
bradford bobby: tandem 1 (1982) w/j.carter (lp/cd)
bradford bobby: tandem 2 (1979) w/j.carter (lp/cd)
braxton anthony: first duo concert london -74 w/d.bailey (lp/cd)
butcher john: scenic route (the) (1998) w/p.durrant & j.russell (lp/cd)
carter john: tandem 1 (1982) w/b.bradford (lp/cd)
carter john: tandem 2 (1979) w/b.bradford (lp/cd)
carter kent: juillaguet collection (the) (1996) w/a.maurer (lp/cd)
coombes nigel: two to tangle w/s.beresford (lp/cd)
coxhill lol: alone and together (1991-9) w/s.wishart & m.mattos (lp/cd)
coxhill lol: boundless (1998) w/v.weston (lp/cd)
day terry: fairly young bean (the) (1981) w/j.russell & m.altena (lp/cd)
durrant phil: scenic route (the) (1998) w/j.butcher & j.russell (lp/cd)
edwards john: foxes fox (1999) w/e.parker/s.beresford/l.moholo (lp/cd)
edwards john: mercury concert (1998) w/v.weston & m.sanders (lp/cd)
guy barry: at the vortex (1996) w/e.parker & p.lytton (lp/cd)
iskra 1912: sequences 72 & 73 w/p.rutherford (lp/cd)
lacy steve: saxophone special + (1973-4) (lp/cd)
lacy steve: weal & woe (lp/cd)
lytton paul: at the vortex (1996) w/e.parker & b.guy (lp/cd)
lytton paul: three other stories 1971-1974 w/e.parker (lp/cd)
lytton paul: two octobers (1972-75) w/e.parker (lp/cd)
lytton paul: waterloo 1985; e.parker with p.lytton/p.rutherford/h.schneider (lp/cd)
mattos marcio: alone and together (1991-9) w/l.coxhill & s.wishart (lp/cd)
maurer albrecht: juillaguet collection (the) (1996) w/k.carter (lp/cd)
minton phil: doughnut in both hands (a); solo singing 1975-1982 (lp/cd)
moholo louis: foxes fox (1999) w/e.parker/s.beresford/j.edwards (lp/cd)
parker evan: at the vortex (1996) w/b.guy & p.lytton (lp/cd)
parker evan: foxes fox (1999) w/s.beresford/j.edwards/l.moholo (lp/cd)
parker evan: three other stories 1971-1974 w/p.lytton (lp/cd)
parker evan: two octobers (1972-75) w/p.lytton (lp/cd)
parker evan: waterloo 1985; e.parker with p.lytton/p.rutherford/h.schneider (lp/cd)
rogers paul: rogues w/p.rutherford (lp/cd)
rottor: first full turn (the); le mans 1998 (lp/cd)
russell john: birthdays (1996) w/r.turner (lp/cd)
russell john: fairly young bean (the) (1981) w/m.altena & (lp/cd)
russell john: scenic route (the) (1998) w/j.butcher & p.durrant (lp/cd)
rutherford paul: gentle harm of the bourgoisie (the); solo trombone improvisations (lp/cd)
rutherford paul: rogues w/ (lp/cd)
rutherford paul: sequences 72 & 73; performed by iskra 1912 (lp/cd)
rutherford paul: waterloo 1985; e.parker with p.lytton/p.rutherford/h.schneider (lp/cd)
sanders mark: mercury concert (1998) w/v.weston & j.edwards (lp/cd)
schneider hans: waterloo 1985; e.parker with p.lytton/p.rutherford/h.schneider (lp/cd)
smith roger (uk): extended plays; solo guitar improvisations 1993-7 plus (lp/cd)
smith roger (uk): unexpected turns; solo guitar improvisations 1993-1996 (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: face to face 1973; john stevens & trevor watts (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: hot and cold heroes (1980 & 1991) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: low profile (1977-1988) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: quintessence 1 (1973-4) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: quintessence 2 (1973-4) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: summer 1967 (emanem) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music ensemble: withdrawal (1966-7) (lp/cd)
spontaneous music orchestra: for you to share (1970); john stevens & trevor watts (lp/cd)
theme: record labels: EMANEM
theme: record labels: EMANEM (RELATED)
theme: record labels: EMANEM; DISCOGRAPHY
turner roger: birthdays (1996) w/j.russell (lp/cd)
weston veryan: boundless (1998) w/l.coxhill (lp/cd)
weston veryan: mercury concert (1998) w/j.edwards & m.sanders (lp/cd)
wishart stevie: alone and together (1991-9) w/l.coxhill & m.mattos (lp/cd)

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