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records received by RoJaRo-Archive

Name :

asheim nils henrik: 16 pieces for organ (lp/cd)
bailey derek: llaer w/i.zach (lp/cd)
flaten ingebrigt håker: double bass (sofa) (lp/cd)
grydeland ivar: continental crust w/y.tanaka (lp/cd)
grydeland ivar: these six w/t.kluften & p.lovens (lp/cd)
grydeland ivar: visiting ants w/i.zach (lp/cd)
grydeland ivar: wazahugy (sofa) w/p.wachsmann/c.hug/i.zach (lp/cd)
grydeland ivar: you should have seen me before we first met w/i.zach (lp/cd)
guy barry: 2 of 2; tri-dim + jim o-rourke & barry guy (sofa) (lp/cd)
hug charlotte: wazahugy (sofa) w/p.wachsmann/i.grydeland/i.zach (lp/cd)
kluften tonny: these six w/i.grydeland & p.lovens (lp/cd)
lovens paul: these six w/i.grydeland & t.kluften (lp/cd)
nilssen-love paal: sticks & stones (lp/cd)
no spaghetti edition: listen and tell me what it is (lp/cd)
no spaghetti edition: pasta variations (lp/cd)
no spaghetti edition: real time satellite data (lp/cd)
o-rourke jim: 2 of 2; tri-dim + jim o-rourke & barry guy (sofa) (lp/cd)
oxley tony: triangular screen; t.o.project (lp/cd)
sandell sten: flat iron (lp/cd)
sandell sten: standing wave (lp/cd)
tanaka yumiko: continental crust w/i.grydeland (lp/cd)
theme: record labels: SOFA
tri-dim: 2 of 2; tri-dim + jim o-rourke & barry guy (sofa) (lp/cd)
wachsmann phil: wazahugy (sofa) w/c.hug/i.grydeland/i.zach (lp/cd)
zach ingar: llaer w/d.bailey (lp/cd)
zach ingar: percussion music (lp/cd)
zach ingar: visiting ants w/i.grydeland (lp/cd)
zach ingar: wazahugy (sofa) w/p.wachsmann/c.hug/i.grydeland (lp/cd)
zach ingar: you should have seen me before we first met w/i.grydeland (lp/cd)

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