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Theme : clubs
clubs: (general); 1980s; london; blitz/wag/taboo
clubs: (general); booking; genre integration
clubs: (general); borders bookstore gigs
clubs: (general); british rock clubs; situation reports
clubs: (general); christian rock clubs
clubs: (general); d.i.y. all-ages music & arts spaces
clubs: (general); dance clubs; history
clubs: (general); deathrock club directory
clubs: (general); extreme music venues
clubs: (general); hospitality
clubs: (general); iconic venues
clubs: (general); jazz clubs
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; europe-s oldest club
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; guides
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; italy; programming; artistic directors- views
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; management policies
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; musician-s views
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; program problems
clubs: (general); jazz clubs; running of
clubs: (general); listening-only music venues
clubs: (general); medium-sized venues; problems
clubs: (general); musician-s rights
clubs: (general); rock clubs; best list
clubs: (general); soul clubs; guides
clubs: (general); usa; upper midwest; music venues
clubs: (general); wireless sounds
clubs: (various); blue note clubs
clubs: (various); hard rock café
clubs: (various); hard rock cafe; 25th anniversary
clubs: (various); house of blues
clubs: (various); irish pubs & clubs
clubs: (various); irish underground club nights
clubs: (various); jazz club guides
clubs: (various); super-clubs
clubs: aalborg; musikkens hus
clubs: aarburg; moonwalker music club & lounge
clubs: aarhus; guides
clubs: aarhus; atlas
clubs: aarhus; jazzbar bent j
clubs: aarhus; jazzselskabet i aarhus
clubs: aarhus; locothursdays
clubs: aarhus; phonognom
clubs: aarhus; sun ship
clubs: aarhus; train
clubs: aarhus; ćsken
clubs: abidjan (côte d-ivoire)
clubs: accra (ghana); liberation road outdoor venue
clubs: acton; the western jazz club (white hart hotel); history
clubs: albany (ny): half moon cafe
clubs: albuquerque; outpost performance space
clubs: alexandria (va); birchmere
clubs: alicante; el jaleo
clubs: allschwil; piano di primo al primo piano
clubs: alphen aan de rijn; serious music café alphen
clubs: altbüron; bau 4 schaerholzbau
clubs: amsterdam; bimhuis (het)
clubs: amsterdam; bimhuis (het) (pictorial)
clubs: amsterdam; bimhuis (het) (related)
clubs: amsterdam; bimhuis (het); world music
clubs: amsterdam; casablanca
clubs: amsterdam; discotheek roxy; tea-dance party
clubs: amsterdam; go club
clubs: amsterdam; jazz op het water
clubs: anaheim; el paradiso
clubs: angers; la chabada
clubs: ann arbor; kerrytown concert house
clubs: ann arbor; the ark
clubs: ann arbor; the fifth dimension; history; 1960s
clubs: antibes; au bar en blais
clubs: antigua; back II life
clubs: anvers/antwerpen; desingel
clubs: argenteuil; la cave dimičre
clubs: arkedelphia (ar); thrio-s coffeehouse
clubs: arles; le boatel
clubs: asbury park (nj); the stone pony
clubs: asheville (nc); be here now
clubs: asker; asker jazz club
clubs: assen; asser jazzclub
clubs: athens (ga); georgia theatre
clubs: atlanta; blind willie-s
clubs: atlanta; dante-s down the hatch
clubs: atlanta; eleven50
clubs: atlanta; funkjazz café
clubs: atlanta; variety playhouse
clubs: atlantic city; déjŕ vu
clubs: aurora (il); sky club
clubs: austin
clubs: austin; jazz clubs
clubs: austin; antone-s
clubs: austin; antone-s; early history
clubs: austin; cactus cafe
clubs: austin; emo-s
clubs: austin; stubb-s barbeque
clubs: austin; taco express; gospel brunch (pictorial)
clubs: austin; the continental club
clubs: aylesbury; friars
clubs: bakersfield; buck owens- crystal palace
clubs: bakersfield; the blackboard
clubs: baltimore; hammerjack
clubs: baltimore; redwood trust
clubs: bamako; songhoy
clubs: bangkok; tawan isan daeng
clubs: barcelona; jazz clubs
clubs: barcelona; manchester bar
clubs: barcelona; sidecar
clubs: barnes; the bull-s head
clubs: basel; bird-s eye
clubs: basel; offbeat (related)
clubs: bath; guildhall
clubs: baton rouge; tabby thomas- blues box & heritage hall
clubs: baton rouge; tabby-s blues box
clubs: beijing; poachers
clubs: beijing; punk rock noodles
clubs: belfast; empire
clubs: belfast; guinness spot
clubs: belfast; oh yeah music centre
clubs: belfast; rotterdam bar
clubs: bellmore; the brokerage
clubs: bensonville; jesus alive
clubs: bentonia; blue front cafe
clubs: bergen; jazz clubs
clubs: bergen; bergen jazzforum
clubs: bergen; hulen
clubs: bergen; teatergarasjen
clubs: berkeley; 924 gilman street
clubs: berkeley; freight & salvage coffee house
clubs: berkeley; house of usher
clubs: berkhamsted; berkhamsted jazz club
clubs: berlin; club guides
clubs: berlin; dance clubs; history; rave
clubs: berlin; jazz clubs
clubs: berlin; a-trane
clubs: berlin; b-flat
clubs: berlin; berghain
clubs: berlin; berghain; endless
clubs: berlin; berliner philharmonie (related)
clubs: berlin; chester
clubs: berlin; club transmediale
clubs: berlin; farbfernseher
clubs: berlin; goya
clubs: berlin; john muir
clubs: berlin; kaffee burger; russendisko
clubs: berlin; la regla
clubs: berlin; locke müller
clubs: berlin; luzia
clubs: berlin; quasimodo
clubs: berlin; salon zur wilden renate
clubs: berlin; so36; history
clubs: berlin; tresor
clubs: berlin; volksbühne (related)
clubs: bern; jazz clubs
clubs: bern; mühle hunziken
clubs: bern; bejazz-club
clubs: bern; jam on the corner (soussoul)
clubs: berwick on tweed; barrels alehouse
clubs: berwyn (il); fitzgerald-s
clubs: bethesda; twist & shout
clubs: bethlehem (pa); godfrey daniels
clubs: bexley; the black prince; bexley jazz club
clubs: biel; le singe
clubs: bilston; the robin 2
clubs: bilston; the trumpet
clubs: birkerřd; mantziuslive
clubs: birmingham (al); gip-s place
clubs: birmingham; code
clubs: birmingham; edward-s no 8
clubs: birmingham; hare & hounds
clubs: birmingham; mother-s
clubs: birmingham; oscillate
clubs: birmingham; ronnie scott-s club
clubs: birmingham; shaanti
clubs: birmingham; the ballroom birmingham
clubs: birmingham; the fiddle & bone
clubs: birmingham; the red lion
clubs: birmingham; the spotted dog
clubs: birmingham; ty-s jazz & spice
clubs: birmingham; yardbird jazz club
clubs: black mountain (nc); grey eagle tavern & music hall
clubs: bobigny; canal 93
clubs: boca raton; jazziz nightlife
clubs: boca raton; jazziz nightlife (pictorial)
clubs: bochum; loft
clubs: bodř; ad lib jazzklubb
clubs: bordeaux; cricketers
clubs: bordeaux; do.ré.mi
clubs: bordeaux; l-alligator
clubs: bordeaux; le comptoir du jazz
clubs: bordeaux; zoobizarre
clubs: borĺs; lokverkstaden ĺhaga
clubs: boston; jazz clubs
clubs: boston; avalon
clubs: boston; café 939
clubs: boston; house of blues
clubs: boston; sandy-s jazz revival
clubs: boston; scullers jazz club
clubs: boston; storyville
clubs: boston; wally-s cafe jazz club
clubs: boston; willow jazz club
clubs: boston; zeitgeist gallery
clubs: boulder (co); chautauqua auditorium
clubs: boulder (co); the fox theatre
clubs: boxford; the fleece
clubs: brandbjerg; brandbjerg hřjskole
clubs: brandbu; hadeland jazzforum
clubs: brattleboro (vt); three season cafe
clubs: bremen; sendesaal
clubs: bresse; a l-ouest de la grosne
clubs: brighton; big beat boutique (concorde club)
clubs: brighton; brighton dome
clubs: brighton; brighton dome; jazz concerts
clubs: brighton; brighton jazz club
clubs: brighton; pm scientists (zap club)
clubs: brighton; the verdict
clubs: bristol; bierkeller; phuct
clubs: bristol; gimme shelter
clubs: bristol; the albert inn
clubs: bristol; the bristol troubadour (related)
clubs: bristol; the bristol troubadour; history
clubs: bristol; the old duke
clubs: bristol; the rare music club
clubs: bruxelles; fuse
clubs: bruxelles; haekem
clubs: bruxelles; music village
clubs: bruxelles; sounds jazz club
clubs: bruxelles; travers (le)
clubs: bruxelles; village gate
clubs: buckingham; empty rooms promotions; radcliffe centre
clubs: buenos aires; thelonious
clubs: buenos aires; zizek urban beats club
clubs: burlington (vt); club metronome
clubs: burlington; club toast
clubs: burlington; higher ground
clubs: bydgoszcz; mozg
clubs: bř; bř jazzclub
clubs: bř; get dancy (kroa)
clubs: calgary; folk clubs
clubs: cambridge (ma); club 47; history
clubs: cambridge (ma); club passim
clubs: cambridge; cambridge modern jazz club
clubs: cambridge; church of noise (the kambar)
clubs: canton (ny): the java barn
clubs: cape town; green dolphin club
clubs: cape town; manenberg-s jazz café
clubs: cape town; the base
clubs: cardiff; ghana club (165 bute street)
clubs: cardiff; rock inferno (clwb ifor bach)
clubs: cast; vaches folks
clubs: charleston; mountain stage
clubs: charlottesville; the prism
clubs: chattanooga; club fathom
clubs: chaux-de-fonds; le p-tit paris
clubs: chelmsford; chelmsford jazz club
clubs: chelsworth (suffolk); the fleece (fleece jazz)
clubs: cheltenham; the hub
clubs: chester city; telford-s warehouse
clubs: chicago: jazz clubs; 1950s
clubs: chicago; blues clubs
clubs: chicago; club guide
clubs: chicago; jazz clubs
clubs: chicago; 708 club
clubs: chicago; blue chicago
clubs: chicago; buddy guy-s legends
clubs: chicago; checkerboard lounge
clubs: chicago; club blujazz
clubs: chicago; convent (the)
clubs: chicago; delta fish market
clubs: chicago; dragon club
clubs: chicago; elastic
clubs: chicago; empty bottle
clubs: chicago; gene-s playmate
clubs: chicago; green mill club
clubs: chicago; hot city cocktail lounge
clubs: chicago; hothouse
clubs: chicago; hungry brain
clubs: chicago; jazz showcase
clubs: chicago; katarina-s
clubs: chicago; keynote lounge
clubs: chicago; lee-s unleaded cocktail lounge
clubs: chicago; linda-s lounge
clubs: chicago; lounge ax
clubs: chicago; music box
clubs: chicago; necktie nate-s green door lounge
clubs: chicago; old town school of folk music
clubs: chicago; plugged nickel
clubs: chicago; rhythm
clubs: chicago; rooster-s palace
clubs: chicago; sutherland
clubs: chicago; syndicate
clubs: chicago; the blue egg
clubs: chicago; the new apartment lounge
clubs: chicago; the pershing hotel
clubs: chicago; the warehouse
clubs: chicago; theresa-s lounge
clubs: chicago; velvet lounge
clubs: chicago; wash-s lounge
clubs: chicago; waterhole lounge
clubs: christianshavn; luftkastellet
clubs: chulahoma; junior-s juke joint; pictorial
clubs: chur; jazz club chur
clubs: cincinnati; the underground
clubs: clarksdale; big red-s place
clubs: clarksdale; cat head delta blues & folk art
clubs: clarksdale; delta amusement café
clubs: clarksdale; ground zero blues club
clubs: clarksdale; red-s lounge
clubs: clay city (ky); meadowgreen park
clubs: clemson (sc); littlejohn-s grill; history
clubs: cleveland; agora
clubs: club gidget
clubs: columbia (md); merriweather post pavilion
clubs: columbia (md); murry-s
clubs: columbia city; beatwalk
clubs: cork; metropole hotel/gresham metropole
clubs: cork; the lobby
clubs: croydon; black sheep bar; rock and metal night
clubs: croydon; the davis theatre
clubs: culham station; the railway inn
clubs: culver city (ca); jazz bakery
clubs: dallas (tx); uncle calvin-s
clubs: daly city (ca); sunday blues -n- jazz club
clubs: dayton (ohio); canal street tavern
clubs: deauville; arturo sandoval jazz club
clubs: decatur (georgia); eddie-s attic
clubs: delhi; regent-s blues bar
clubs: denmark; various venues
clubs: denver; swallow hill
clubs: denver; the church
clubs: detroit; cobo hall (related)
clubs: detroit; heaven
clubs: detroit; the grande ballroom
clubs: detroit; the grande ballroom (related)
clubs: detroit; vickkie-s steak house
clubs: detroit; windsor/detroit jazz club
clubs: doha; jazz at lincoln center de doha
clubs: dorking; watermill jazz club
clubs: drammen; buddy
clubs: dresden; tonne
clubs: drumballyroney; brontë music club
clubs: dublin; various clubs
clubs: dublin; bottom line
clubs: dublin; club usi
clubs: dublin; garageland
clubs: dublin; hideaway house
clubs: dublin; influx
clubs: dublin; kaboogie
clubs: dublin; lillie-s bordello
clubs: dublin; olympic ballroom
clubs: dublin; skinny wolves club
clubs: dublin; stardust; history; fire
clubs: dublin; temple bar
clubs: dublin; temple of sound
clubs: dublin; the kitchen
clubs: dublin; tripod
clubs: dublin; wax; bodytonic nights
clubs: dundalk; spirit store
clubs: eastleigh; concorde club
clubs: edinburgh; bridge jazz bar
clubs: edinburgh; department lounge
clubs: edinburgh; henry-s
clubs: edinburgh; pure
clubs: edinburgh; usher hall
clubs: ensenada; papas&beer
clubs: esbjerg; tobakken
clubs: eskilstuna; eskilstuna jazzklubb
clubs: espegćrde; café divino
clubs: espergćrde; jazzklub egegĺrden
clubs: essen; grugahalle essen
clubs: essex; the alter states club nights
clubs: eunice (la); liberty theater
clubs: fagersta; jazzligan
clubs: fallston (nc); leatherwood
clubs: ferrara; jazz club ferrara
clubs: ferriday (louisiana); haney-s big house (pictorial)
clubs: floyd (va); floyd-s country store
clubs: foggia; moody jazz cafč
clubs: forli; naima club
clubs: fort bragg (ca); sequoia room
clubs: france; jazz clubs
clubs: france; jazz clubs; current situation & future
clubs: france; jazz clubs; internet resources
clubs: frankfurt; batschkapp
clubs: frankfurt; jazzkeller
clubs: frankfurt; schirn kunsthalle; concert series
clubs: frederiksberg; bryggeriets hus
clubs: frederiksberg; finn zieglers hjřrne
clubs: frederiksvćrk; gjethuset
clubs: fredriksberg; bartof
clubs: fredrikstad; fredrikstad rockeklubb
clubs: gainsborough; sands venue
clubs: gallup; el morro theater
clubs: galway; club outstageous
clubs: galway; roisin dubh
clubs: gateshead; sage gateshead venue
clubs: genčve; cave du chat noir
clubs: genčve; montreux jazz café
clubs: genčve; sud des alpes amr
clubs: gennevilliers; cinéma jean-vigo
clubs: genova; rock clubs
clubs: germany; country club directory
clubs: gijón; savoy club
clubs: glasgow; apollo
clubs: glasgow; café rio
clubs: glasgow; tall ship
clubs: glasgow; the arches
clubs: glasgow; the arches; love boutique
clubs: glasgow; the maryland club
clubs: glendale; giggles
clubs: glenfarg (perthshire); the bein inn
clubs: glossop; the globe; lift music club
clubs: gorliz; xurrut
clubs: grange (la) (ga); hoofer-s & the gospel barn
clubs: green bay (wi); cup o- joy coffee house
clubs: greensboro (nj); fluid
clubs: greenville (ms); little dave-s blues joint
clubs: greenville (sc); the handlebar
clubs: grenoble; jazz club de grenoble
clubs: gruene (tx); gruene hall
clubs: guerneville; main street station
clubs: gütersloh; theater gütersloh; european jazz legends series
clubs: gävle; body & soul
clubs: göteborg; jazz clubs
clubs: göteborg; rock clubs; history
clubs: göteborg; bellevue jazz (sorento)
clubs: göteborg; belsepub
clubs: göteborg; brötz
clubs: göteborg; cue club; history
clubs: göteborg; jazzĺ
clubs: göteborg; nefertiti
clubs: göteborg; nefertiti (related)
clubs: göteborg; soulastatic
clubs: göteborg; truckstop alaska (hissingen)
clubs: göteborg; vintage ballroom dance club
clubs: haderslev; café kafka
clubs: halmstad; kulturverket
clubs: hamburg; birdland
clubs: hamburg; mojo club
clubs: hamburg; molotow
clubs: hamburg; onkel pö-s carnegie hall
clubs: hamburg; star-club
clubs: hammarhög; garageprojektet
clubs: hampton (va); hampton coliseum
clubs: haugesund; haugaland progklubb (hřvleriet)
clubs: havana; el callejon de hamel
clubs: havana; la zorra y el cuervo
clubs: havana; tropicana night club
clubs: heilbronn; cave -61
clubs: helsingborg; dunkers kulturhus
clubs: helsingřr; helsingřr kulturhus troldkammeret
clubs: helsingřr; kulturvćrftet
clubs: hermosa beach; lighthouse
clubs: herning; fermaten
clubs: hillerřd; buddhas
clubs: hillerřd; john f kennedy pub
clubs: hilton head (sc); monkey business
clubs: hoboken (nj); maxwell-s
clubs: hobro; musikcafeen i hobro
clubs: holbćk; holbćk jazzklub
clubs: holbćk; underhuset
clubs: hollywood (fl); maison a go go
clubs: hollywood; athletic club
clubs: hollywood; avalon hollywood
clubs: hollywood; club one seven
clubs: hollywood; do over
clubs: hollywood; henry fonda theatre
clubs: hollywood; hollywood bowl
clubs: hollywood; hollywood palladium
clubs: hollywood; largo
clubs: hollywood; rainbow bar & grill (rainbow room)
clubs: hollywood; the baked potato
clubs: hollywood; the factory
clubs: hollywood; troubadour
clubs: hollywood; walt disney concert hall
clubs: holzminden; clubmusik holzminden
clubs: honk kong; jazz clubs
clubs: horten; horten jazzklubb
clubs: houston; c davis bar-b-q
clubs: houston; eldorado ballroom
clubs: houston; rich-s
clubs: hove; brighton rock
clubs: huddersfield; huddersfield jazz
clubs: hull; rock revolution (welly club)
clubs: hundige; kulturhuset portalen
clubs: huntington (; mountaineer opry house; 40th anniversary
clubs: härnösand; öbacka jazz & blues
clubs: höör; höörs jazz
clubs: ibiza; amnesia
clubs: ibos; la parvis
clubs: ile saint-louis; franc-pinot jazz club
clubs: illiana club of traditional jazz
clubs: innsbruck; haus am haven
clubs: ipswich; watchawant
clubs: issy-les-moulineaux; the river jazz café
clubs: jackson (ms); 930 blues café
clubs: jackson (ms); hal and mal-s; blue monday (pictorial)
clubs: jackson (ms); peaches restaurant
clubs: jackson (ms); subway lounge
clubs: jackson (ms); the yellow scarf
clubs: jacksonville; murray hill theatre
clubs: jersey city; brennan court house; courthouse coffehouse series
clubs: jessheim; garasjen rock cafe

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