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Theme : competitions
competitions: all write now 2007; winners- contributions (ireland)
competitions: annual air guitar world championships (var.years)
competitions: apa (american pianists association) competition 2015
competitions: arab idol 2013 (related)
competitions: area 54 (alice tutta un-altra musica)
competitions: bright new sounds 2008 (ireland)
competitions: competition for the charlie palmieri memorial piano scholarship 2009
competitions: concours blue note/jazz magazine
competitions: concurso de musica moderna braga 1992
competitions: danny kyle open stage 2004
competitions: dci (drum corps international) world championships (var.years)
competitions: guitar center 2005 drum off grand finals (los angeles)
competitions: guitar center 2007 drum off grand finals (los angeles)
competitions: guitar player-s guitar hero 2005
competitions: heat strokes drum contest 2003
competitions: karaoke world championships (var.years)
competitions: lady summertime 2006 (hämeenlinna)
competitions: lady summertime 2008 (kajaana)
competitions: milo music contest 2011 (italy)
competitions: murphy-s live 2006 competition (ireland)
competitions: murphy-s live 2007 competition (ireland)
competitions: murphy-s live 2008 competition (ireland)
competitions: music industry soccer six 1997
competitions: musik barometret (dk4) (denmark)
competitions: musik direkt
competitions: nme supergroups cup (var.seasons)
competitions: pagella non solo rock 2008 (italy)
competitions: premio bindi 2008 (italy)
competitions: rock the house (uk)
competitions: stjernekamp 2017; hip-hop kveld
competitions: tremplin révélations (france)
competitions: u.s. air guitar championships (var.years)
competitions: uk air guitar championships (var.years)
competitions: upload music contest 2011
competitions: urřrt-finalen 2013
competitions: vw sound foundation (germany)
competitions: world rock paper scissors championship 2003
competitions: young drummer of the year 2004 (uk)

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