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Theme : metal
metal: related theme: rock
metal: (general)
metal: (general); 10 crazy moments
metal: (general); 100 most important bands
metal: (general); 20 worst hard rock obscurities
metal: (general); 50 spinal tap moments
metal: (general); album openers top 10
metal: (general); chronology
metal: (general); future predictions/previews
metal: (general); history
metal: (general); history; heavy rock to metal
metal: (general); history; renewed credibility
metal: (general); lists; 10 best songs
metal: (general); lists; 250 best hard rock & metal songs
metal: (general); records; current status
metal: (general); roundtable discussions
metal: (general); song themes; atom bombs/war
metal: (general); song themes; black death
metal: (general); song themes; mosh/slam/stagedive/pogo/headbang
metal: (general); song themes; oceans
metal: (general); song themes; space
metal: (general); song themes; winter
metal: (general); songs; 1964-1978
metal: (general); songs; 1979-1989
metal: (general); songs; 1990-1999
metal: (general); songs; 2000-2009
metal: 1980
metal: 1980s; melodic metal
metal: 1983
metal: 1983 (pictorial)
metal: 1985; albums
metal: 1986; albums
metal: 1987
metal: 1987; albums
metal: 1990s trends
metal: 2000s
metal: 2000s; hair metal revival
metal: 2008; 1980s renaissance
metal: 50 heaviest bands
metal: artists- beards
metal: artists- christmas choices
metal: artists- cocktail recipes
metal: artists- first show stories
metal: artists- foolish names
metal: artists- holiday memories
metal: artists- image changes
metal: artists- ipods
metal: artists- last meal choices
metal: artists- muscles; top 10
metal: artists- parallel/second bands
metal: artists- pastimes
metal: artists- record choices
metal: artists- roadie wishlists
metal: artists- summer plans
metal: artists- tattoos
metal: artists- wasted talent; lists
metal: artists- wives
metal: ballet (relations to)
metal: band names; condition (related to)
metal: band-s careers; major labels; negative effects
metal: battle metal
metal: beer; artists- labels
metal: black magic
metal: black metal
metal: black metal; essential albums
metal: black metal; gender politics
metal: black metal; logos
metal: black metal; lyrics
metal: black metal; new artists/groups
metal: black metal; philosophy
metal: black metal; post-black metal
metal: black metal; recording techniques
metal: black metal; satanic terrorism
metal: black metal; underground
metal: celtic metal
metal: charts; ireland
metal: christian metal music
metal: christian metal music; black metal
metal: christmas songs
metal: comics; kollektivet
metal: comics; nemi
metal: countrymetal
metal: crime (relations to); west memphis three
metal: critics- secret records; metal hammer
metal: crossdressers
metal: death metal
metal: death metal (related)
metal: death metal; 1980s
metal: death metal; 1990s
metal: death metal; 1991
metal: death metal; alphabetical list of groups
metal: death metal; blood references
metal: death metal; cassette recordings
metal: death metal; discography
metal: death metal; drummers
metal: death metal; experimental bands
metal: death metal; grindcore connections
metal: death metal; humour
metal: death metal; oral histories
metal: death metal; progressive dm
metal: death metal; record labels
metal: death metal; recording techniques
metal: death metal; sales figues
metal: debauchery
metal: demos
metal: discography; collectables
metal: documentaries; production companies; banger films
metal: doom metal
metal: doom metal; aesthetics
metal: doom metal; beyond doom
metal: doom metal; doom/death
metal: doom metal; drone/funeral doom
metal: doom metal; female vocalists
metal: doom metal; forgotten artists/groups
metal: doom metal; group presentations
metal: doom metal; history; early 1970s
metal: doom metal; history; late 1960s
metal: doom metal; history; mid 1970s
metal: doom metal; oral histories
metal: doom metal; record labels
metal: doom metal; religion; sin & suffering
metal: doom metal; themes
metal: doom metal; true doom
metal: drums; history
metal: endorsements
metal: epic metal
metal: escapism/realism
metal: exhibitions; död & undergång (linköping)
metal: exhibitions; home of metal (birmingham)
metal: exhibitions; norwegian metal in concert (oslo)
metal: extreme metal
metal: extreme metal; christian artist/groups
metal: extreme metal; new trends
metal: extreme metal; prolific & obscure artists/groups
metal: extreme metal; vocals
metal: false metal
metal: fashion; american made kustom
metal: fashion; amf korsets
metal: fashion; assault shirts
metal: fashion; bone bleaching
metal: fashion; bridgeport republic clothing
metal: fashion; dirty devil apparel
metal: fashion; evilneedles
metal: fashion; faux pas
metal: fashion; kids clothes
metal: fashion; leather pants
metal: fashion; malus clothing
metal: fashion; nomad
metal: fashion; pitchfork new york hardwear
metal: fashion; rise and resist apparel
metal: fashion; rokk clothing
metal: fitness
metal: folk metal
metal: games; brutal legend
metal: games; compil quizz; hard rock
metal: games; earache; extreme metal racing
metal: games; metal memory
metal: games; metal mental meltdown
metal: games; monopoly; ac/dc
metal: games; monopoly; metallica
metal: games; rock science; join the rock alliance
metal: genres; dispised subgenres
metal: gore; censorship
metal: gore; discography
metal: gore; new artists/groups
metal: gothic metal
metal: grindcore
metal: grindcore; crustgrind
metal: grindcore; early history
metal: grindcore; electrogrind
metal: grindcore; goregrind
metal: grindcore; oral history
metal: grindcore; politics
metal: grindcore; teminology
metal: groups; reunions
metal: guitar riffs; 40 riffs of sickness
metal: guitarists
metal: guitarists; new artists
metal: guitarists; replacements
metal: guitarists; riff masters
metal: guitarists; shredd masters
metal: hair metal
metal: hair metal; bibliography
metal: hair metal; selected albums
metal: heavy metal
metal: heavy metal; 1980s
metal: heavy metal; 1980s; selected albums
metal: heavy metal; hair bands
metal: heavy metal; history; birth
metal: heavy metal; history; lost pioneers
metal: heavy metal; history; roots
metal: heavy metal; internet resources
metal: heavy metal; lyrics
metal: heavy metal; new trends
metal: heavy metal; odinism
metal: heavy metal; related art
metal: heavy metal; satanism
metal: heavy metal; terminology
metal: heavy metal; tragedies
metal: homosexuality
metal: industrial metal
metal: internet resources
metal: internet resources; 80-s french metal
metal: internet resources; blogs; evig lyttar
metal: internet resources; demonia webblogg
metal: internet resources; eternal terror
metal: internet resources;
metal: internet resources; imhotep
metal: internet resources; metal archives; encyclopaedia metallum
metal: internet resources; metal ireland
metal: internet resources; metal sludge (related)
metal: internet resources; metalsucks
metal: internet resources; teamrock+
metal: iraqi war; psychological warfare
metal: jazz (relations to)
metal: legal problems; islamic states
metal: lo-fi metal
metal: mascots
metal: math metal; djent
metal: metal vs grunge; artists- views
metal: metalcore
metal: metalcore; discography
metal: metalcore; early history
metal: metalcore; ethics
metal: metalcore; mainstream
metal: metalcore; mainstream; discography
metal: metalcore; noisecore
metal: metalcore; noisecore; discography
metal: metalcore; oral history
metal: neo-folk
metal: new artists/groups
metal: noisecore
metal: nu metal
metal: pagan metal
metal: pirate metal
metal: power ballads
metal: power ballads; 40 greatest songs
metal: power metal
metal: power metal; europe
metal: power metal; history
metal: power metal; labels
metal: power metal; themes
metal: progressive metal
metal: progressive metal; discography
metal: punk/metal crossover
metal: quizes
metal: rap metal crossover
metal: religion; spirituality
metal: revival; 1980s metal
metal: serial killers (relations to)
metal: slo-metal
metal: smart metal
metal: spandex nation; 1990s return
metal: supergroups
metal: symbols; 666
metal: symbols; 666; artists- views
metal: symphonic metal; female fronted bands
metal: symphony orchestras
metal: tech noise
metal: techno (relations to)
metal: techno house dub ambient influences
metal: terminology
metal: terminology; doom metal
metal: terminology; grindcore
metal: terminology; viking metal; discussions
metal: themes: war
metal: thrash metal
metal: thrash metal; 1986
metal: thrash metal; 1990s & 2000s
metal: thrash metal; 1994
metal: thrash metal; artists- recollections
metal: thrash metal; classic gigs
metal: thrash metal; crossover
metal: thrash metal; fashion
metal: thrash metal; forgotten artists/groups
metal: thrash metal; internet resources;
metal: thrash metal; lyrics
metal: thrash metal; renaissance
metal: thrash metal; retrothrash
metal: trad metal
metal: tribute bands
metal: vocalists; 100 best hard rock singers
metal: war metal
metal: wrestling connections

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