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Theme : organizations
organizations: 21st century art
organizations: 21st century leaders
organizations: 22 grand job (bourges)
organizations: acrimed (france)
organizations: afaa (ass.francaise d-action artistique)
organizations: afo (association of festival organisers) (uk)
organizations: aftra; lawsuits; health politics
organizations: aftra; lawsuits; retirement funds
organizations: akili trust
organizations: aktivt kvinne kultur senter (akks)
organizations: aktivt kvinne kultur senter; stiff nipples-prosjektet
organizations: amdathtra (suisse?)
organizations: american federation of musicians (afm)
organizations: american federation of musicians (afm); seattle branch
organizations: americana music association
organizations: americana music association uk
organizations: amf (american fedetation of musicians) (related)
organizations: ami (aide aux musiques innovatrices) (france)
organizations: analogue audio association (aaa)
organizations: anti-heroin campaign 1984 (uk)
organizations: apples & snakes (uk)
organizations: arn (association rue du nord) (lausanne)
organizations: arsc (association for recorded sound archives)
organizations: association of independent festivals (aif) (ireland)
organizations: association promédios (mexico)
organizations: augusta heritage center (elkins west virginia)
organizations: autonomous battleship collective (usa)
organizations: axis of justice (usa)
organizations: band together nyc
organizations: bands against bush (usa)
organizations: bandstocks
organizations: bang on a can (usa)
organizations: belfast gig collective (northern ireland)
organizations: big boppers (norway)
organizations: big heavy world (burlington usa)
organizations: big house foundation (usa)
organizations: black musicians union (kansas city usa) (related)
organizations: bread and roses
organizations: campain for free education (cfe); benefit compilation
organizations: cash music
organizations: cavalcade of music foundation (chicago usa)
organizations: ccam (centre culturel andré malraux) (france)
organizations: cedi (centro de enduentro para el desarrollo de la improvisación)
organizations: cell block project (usa)
organizations: celtic connections
organizations: celtic connections (related)
organizations: centre culturel andré malraux (vandoeuvre-les-nancy)
organizations: cesta (cultural exchange station in tábor)
organizations: chamber music america; jazz-grant program
organizations: child is born (a) (france)
organizations: childline rocks (related)
organizations: chip (creative healing institute partnership) (usa)
organizations: cimd (centre d-information musique et dance (france)
organizations: city lore (new york center for urban folk culture)
organizations: club 78 (sweden)
organizations: cmm (concursos de música moderna) (portugal)
organizations: crash house (new york)
organizations: cubanola (related)
organizations: d-addario foundation (usa)
organizations: dameulove (denmark)
organizations: dancesafe (usa)
organizations: danske populćrautorer (dpa)
organizations: darkitalia community (italy)
organizations: (uk)
organizations: disma musica (italy)
organizations: djbfa (denmark)
organizations: downtown for democracy (usa)
organizations: edim (france)
organizations: effervescence collectif (france)
organizations: electra (uk)
organizations: electronic frontier foundation
organizations: emergency exit arts (uk)
organizations: euro-international trumpet guild
organizations: fair music
organizations: fairplaylist
organizations: fam (spain)
organizations: fame; friends against musical exploitation of artists
organizations: fanzinothčque (la)
organizations: farm aid
organizations: favorite things jazz association (tarbes france)
organizations: fcm (fonds pour la création musicale); jazz funding
organizations: festival welfare service (uk)
organizations: fiib (freie initiative improvisation berlin)
organizations: folk alliance (north america)
organizations: forum för världskultur (sweden)
organizations: fredagsliven (stavanger norway)
organizations: freemuse
organizations: friends of mali (uk)
organizations: frim (föreningen för fri improviserad musik) (sweden)
organizations: future of music coalition
organizations: g.a.m.e. (grassroots artists movement) (usa)
organizations: gael linn (ireland)
organizations: generator (uk)
organizations: global music foundation (related)
organizations: goth for earth (germany)
organizations: gramart (norway)
organizations: gramart (norway) (related)
organizations: gramo (norway)
organizations: groove academy
organizations: grünerlřkka alternatives (oslo norway)
organizations: habitat for humanity new orleans; musicians- village project
organizations: habitat for humanity new orleans; musicians- village project (related)
organizations: hadopi (france
organizations: haiti projekt (the)
organizations: hallwalls (usa)
organizations: hardcore help foundation (the)
organizations: headcount (usa)
organizations: heart support (usa)
organizations: home grown music network (hgmn) (usa)
organizations: home project (housing opportunities for musicians and entertainers)
organizations: hospice in the weald (related)
organizations: iaaam (intern.association of african-american music)
organizations: idelsohn society for musical preservation (usa)
organizations: if popgeni (östersund) (related)
organizations: ilk (independeng label křbenhavn) (denmark)
organizations: imc (independent media center) (usa)
organizations: impro; music borad of ireland funding
organizations: incontrolados (los) (france)
organizations: independence project (the) (usa)
organizations: instruments beyond borders (ibb)
organizations: inte överbevisning (related)
organizations: international stand by me club (london)
organizations: jail guitar doors usa
organizations: jamaica music industry association
organizations: jazz & heritage foundation (new orleans)
organizations: jazz bridge project (usa)
organizations: jeunes musiciens du monde (canada/india)
organizations: kampen verksted
organizations: keepon 100% live club (italy)
organizations: killer blues headstone project
organizations: krewe of boo (new orleans)
organizations: l.a. salsa kids (los angeles)
organizations: lcef (louisiana cuiltural economic foundation)
organizations: lcmac (los cenzontles mexican arts center) (usa)
organizations: little kids rock (usa)
organizations: little village foundation
organizations: lmc (london musicians- collective)
organizations: los angeles philharmonic association; jazz activity
organizations: main music agenda
organizations: map (musician-s assistance program)
organizations: mef (media education foundation) (usa)
organizations: mercoledi & co (france)
organizations: metaphon (belgium)
organizations: mfo (norway)
organizations: micmac (marseille france)
organizations: mmu (music makers unlimited)
organizations: mpower; national mental health association (usa)
organizations: muny (music under new york)
organizations: muse (musicians united for superior education)
organizations: music bridge (ireland)
organizations: music bridges (usa/cuba)
organizations: music for america (usa)
organizations: music forum (bombay india)
organizations: music maker relief foundation
organizations: music maker relief foundation (related)
organizations: music maker relief foundation (related) (pictorial)
organizations: music maker relief foundation; artists- stories
organizations: music maker relief foundation; discography
organizations: music managers forum suisse
organizations: music matters
organizations: music norway
organizations: music performance fund (usa)
organizations: music row democrats (usa)
organizations: music vs (sweden)
organizations: música moderna portuguesa (portugal)
organizations: músicalibre (spain)
organizations: musicares (usa)
organizations: musicians against childhood cancer (macc) (usa)
organizations: musicians on call (usa)
organizations: musicians union (uk)
organizations: musicians union (uk); licensing act reactions
organizations: musicians united for safe energy (usa)
organizations: musicians- hurricane relief agencies (usa)
organizations: musik sverige
organizations: musikalliansen (sweden)
organizations: mutual musicians foundation international (mmfi)
organizations: mxd (music export denmark)
organizations: national academy of songwriters (nas)
organizations: national songwriters association (nsai)
organizations: nederlandse toonkunstenaarsbond (ntb) (netherlands)
organizations: new orleans musicians relief fund
organizations: new orleans musicians- clinic (nomc)
organizations: new power project (usa)
organizations: new york city theremin society
organizations: new york indie rock collective (usa)
organizations: no masters voice
organizations: no time music (düsseldorf)
organizations: nonsequitur
organizations: nora (norwegian recording artists) (norway)
organizations: norsk americana forum
organizations: norske konsertarrangřrer (norway) (related)
organizations: north american world music coalition
organizations: northwest electro-industrial coalition (nec) (seattle)
organizations: one life one chance
organizations: orange twin conservation community (usa)
organizations: oxfam; make trade fair campaign (incl.pictorials)
organizations: parkinsong
organizations: percussive arts society
organizations: peta
organizations: pinecone; the piedmont council of traditional music (usa)
organizations: pink bracelet fund (usa)
organizations: pipistrelle (la) (france)
organizations: pmi (associazione dei produttori musicali indipendenti) (italy)
organizations: point community development corporation (new york)
organizations: process church of the final judgement
organizations: product red
organizations: projet mobilivre-bookmobile project
organizations: protect (usa)
organizations: public domain foundation (usa)
organizations: punk voter (usa)
organizations: raw material (uk)
organizations: rawkmom (seattle usa)
organizations: recording artists coalition
organizations: red hot organization
organizations: revels inc (usa)
organizations: revolution harmony
organizations: robert d. bielecki foundation (usa)
organizations: rock for health (usa)
organizations: rockabilly music foundation inc (usa)
organizations: rytmisk kompetansenettverk i nord-norge (norway)
organizations: sami (svenska artisters & musikers interesseorg.)
organizations: schweizer musik syndikat (sms)
organizations: september concert foundation (new york)
organizations: setola di maiale; musiche non convenzionali (italy)
organizations: seva foundation (usa)
organizations: sga (songwriters guild of america)
organizations: sharp (skinheads against racial prejudice)
organizations: shelter
organizations: shelter; million children campaign
organizations: sidma (societŕ italiana di musicologia afroamericana)
organizations: sims foundation (usa)
organizations: sisma (afroamerican music studies) (italy)
organizations: sister uppsala (sister network)
organizations: smf (svenska musikfestivaler)
organizations: snep (france); article (related)
organizations: songs of love (new york)
organizations: sonic arts network (uk)
organizations: sophie aime (paris france)
organizations: sound and music (uk)
organizations: soundexchange (usa)
organizations: soundz for children; united musicians for unicef
organizations: sous-marin (vitrolles france)
organizations: south east music schemes (sems) (uk)
organizations: southern poverty law center (splc); youth voices music project
organizations: studio forum (france)
organizations: sweet home new orleans
organizations: sweet relief musicians fund; musi-cares
organizations: syn-phonic
organizations: syrentha savio endowment (sse)
organizations: taller puertorriqueńo (usa)
organizations: taps (traditional arts projects)
organizations: tipitina-s foundation; instruments a comin- benefits
organizations: tipitina-s foundation; music co-op
organizations: to write love on her arms (usa)
organizations: toneart (denmark)
organizations: tono (norway)
organizations: toplap
organizations: tribute management (uk)
organizations: tro (the richmond organization) (usa)
organizations: ubuntu educational fund
organizations: unga tankar om musik (utom) (sweden)
organizations: v2 (netherlands)
organizations: velvete underground appreciation society
organizations: vera project (seattle usa)
organizations: wapc (working artists performance center)
organizations: war child; charity sales
organizations: war child; downloads
organizations: warzone collective (the) (ireland)
organizations: why (world hunger year)
organizations: womad
organizations: womad (related)
organizations: women-s audio mission (usa)
organizations: wonderful world jazz foundation (wwjf) (japan)
organizations: world music coalition (usa)
organizations: young audiences/new york
organizations: youth music (uk)
organizations: ywam (youth with a mission); musicians- cummer of service program
organizations: zam (zone d-activités musicales) (france)

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