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Theme : soul
soul: related theme: black music
soul: related theme: dance music
soul: related theme: house
soul: related theme: techno
soul: (general)
soul: (general); selected albums; 159 best albums
soul: (general); selected songs
soul: (general); selected songs; motown
soul: 1965
soul: 1967/1968/1969; summers of love
soul: 1968
soul: 1968; female performers
soul: 1968; motown (related)
soul: 1969-1970
soul: 1970s
soul: 1973; monthly reviews
soul: 2017; r&b
soul: addiction; songs ( list)
soul: advertisement; kentucky fried chicken; discography
soul: advertisement; soundtrack songs
soul: album tracks; song presentations
soul: artist couples (pictorial)
soul: artists- cookbooks
soul: artists- favourite rap albums
soul: artists- teenage pictures
soul: asian artists
soul: bands
soul: blue-eyed soul
soul: child artists
soul: comedy; television shows
soul: compilations
soul: country music; relations (to)
soul: cover versions
soul: cover versions; beatles
soul: deep soul
soul: duets
soul: duets; man & woman combinations
soul: exhibitions; the story of the supremes; from mary wilson collection
soul: falsetto voices
soul: female singers
soul: female singers; political activism
soul: female singers; white artists; 2000s
soul: funky divas
soul: girl groups
soul: girl groups; 1990s
soul: girl groups; history
soul: groups; breakups
soul: guest shots
soul: hip-hop soul; duets
soul: hip-hop soul; history
soul: independent soul
soul: instrumentals
soul: internet resources
soul: internet resources; online archives
soul: islamic influences; malcolm x/nation of islam
soul: jody references (+ discography)
soul: losers
soul: love songs; 50 most dramatic
soul: lyrics; sex
soul: male vocal groups
soul: mix tapes
soul: mod; selected tracks
soul: muscle shoals soul
soul: muscle shoals soul; country music (influences on)
soul: names; numbers
soul: neosoul; revival
soul: new artists/groups
soul: northern soul
soul: nu divas
soul: psychedelic soul
soul: r&b
soul: r&b; 1990s
soul: r&b; 1990s; selected albums
soul: r&b; 1993
soul: r&b; afrofuturism/space/egyptian imagery
soul: r&b; crossover
soul: r&b; new artists/groups
soul: r&b; skits
soul: r&b; unplugged
soul: record previews
soul: revival
soul: sampling
soul: saxophones
soul: soul-funk; revival
soul: southern soul
soul: southern soul; history
soul: southern soul; white artists
soul: stars- weight; label pressure
soul: travelogues
soul: vietnam war songs; selected songs
soul: vocalists
soul: white performers
soul: white performers; top 25 blue-eyed soul winners
soul: white singers

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